We at paddles4less are always improving the next generation of XTP sports products. Like our newest addition of 33mm XTP paddle the Neon Green-Green 33mm Xtreme Tennis Paddle. And the Yellow-Black 33mm XTP Xtreme Tennis Paddle. BOTH PADDLES ATE THE SAME IN SPECS AND ITS A COLOR DIFFERRNCE ONLY,BOTH PADDLES ARE 345 grams + or Р5 grams ,with a total length of 18.4 inches making it a stretch model,with grip size of L2 Р4 1/4.with a medium eva foam core,and textured face for spin and control, this is the ultimate in the Hybrid paddle design  for Power and Control. Our best selling paddle for Paddle and Pop Tennis.


Out other top selling Hybrid XTP paddle is the 29mm 18 inch paddle that if you prefer we can stretch to 18.5 by simply installing our Patented XTP tennis butt cap product when you order.This 29mm hybrid comes in Red/Black or Raspberry/Grey both can be stretched to 18.5 if you prefer, both have stiffer feel with textured face and 345grams weight. This is a paddle more designed for a player that can generate power and wants a bit more spin and

control.L2 gripsize.