Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis,some call Paddle Tennis Pop

These are XTP Venice 33mm and 29mm Paddle Tennis hybrid paddles, the most used paddles in Pop and Paddle tennis.

We feel that Paddle Tennis without the Bucket or restraint line takes away from the sport of Paddle Tennis.

Many Pop Tennis players do not play with the Bucket or restraint line and we here at Paddles4less think this takes away from the sport.

Lots of players say it to hard to call bucket line or restraint line faults in Paddle Tennis but WE think NOT.

For an example take the sport of Pickleball that has seen HUGE GROWTH in the past 5 years and us already many time larger now than Paddle Tennis or Pop,Pickleball has the kitchen line that always stays in play during all play in that sports,yet we in Paddles Tennis can’t enforce the Bucket line rule for only 1st shot in Paddle Tennis.

I feel we have a much better game playing Paddle Tennis at it’s most pure ,original rules with the restraint line.

We should not eliminate the Bucket rule in my opinion.

Truly.john of XTP sports padfles4less.

We want to see both of these paddle sports grow and we have the top used paddles for both these sports.the XTP Venice pickleball eXtreme Tourqe Paddles.

One Reply to “Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis,some call Paddle Tennis Pop”

  1. Yes. ..so much growth in Pickleball we would love to see PADDLE TENNIS grow along side PICKLEBALL.
    SPEC TENNIS does not offer the same dynamics as Paddle Tennis and at the end of the day Paddle Tennis can most definitely be played on a Pickleball court.
    For playing Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court just consider that the kitchen line is now the Restraint line like in Paddle Tennis, so basically what that means is no player on either team can cross the kitchen line until the receiver strikes the ball.Very simple,the Kithen line becomes the Restaint line like on a Paddle Tennis court,.
    Scoring is just like Paddle Tennis scoring,and one underhand serve,serve can land in front or back box to be considered a good serve.
    We now have 15000 courts nationwide to now play Paddle Tennis..truly.john

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