Paddle Tennis on Picklball courts.

With the huge growth in Pickleball and now 15000 courts around the country players are wanting some variety and now playing Paddle Tennis on picklball courts.

By using the thinner ,stiffer,grittier graphite paddles and the slightly softer Orange Dot tennis ball it does slow the game down enough to be played well on the slightly smaller courts of Pickleball.

It’s less noisy and many clubs and park like this fact.

So if your looking for a new paddle sport and have pickleball courts in your area we suggest Paddle Tennis. It adapts well to the confines on the smaller area offered on Pickleball courts.

The United States Paddle Tennis Association is behind this move and starting to organize events.Daryl Lemon has been the leader in Venice Beach and runs the US Open Paddle Tennis Tournament .

For more information feel free to contact me 8186253634 for questions about rules and equipment. Truly.john of XTP sports.